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Kids IQ Test Center offers seven IQ tests for kids and adults. If you are ready to take an IQ test for kids or adults, please click on the following link: IQ Tests for Kids and adults.

IQ Tests for Kids

There are only two ways in which to know your child's IQ: The first is to schedule an appointment with a licensed psychologist and have your child take a professionally administered IQ test such as the WISC, better known as the Wechsler Intelligence Test for Children. If you have $400 of disposable income, you can have your child take the WISC or some other professional kids IQ test.

The second method: is to have your child take our Kids IQ test. Our Kids IQ test is very affordablly priced at $19.97. Moreover, it is just as accurate as any of the Wechsler Intelligence Tests for Children. After your child has taken the Kids IQ Test, you will be provided with a detailed report that includes your child's IQ score, and a list of his or her intellectual strengths and weakness. This report can help identify learning disorders and the report can be shared with school counselors, teachers, and psychologists.

This Kids IQ Test was created by Dr. William McConochie who is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 40 years of clinical experience in creating intelligence tests as well as administering them. To know more about Dr. William McConochie, please read this page we created for him called Dr. William McConochie: A Mini Biography.

Dr. William McConochie: A Mini Biography