An IQ Score of 91 is Average Intelligence

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale classifies an IQ Score of 91 as normal intelligence or average intelligence. If your child scored 91 on an IQ test there are many factors which may have contributed to his/her IQ score.

As previously stated: an IQ of 91 is considered normal intelligence. However, your child may seem very bright and creative which are traits of children with higher IQ's, especially so if your child learns to play a musical instrument at an early age or has a higher command of the English language than children of his/her age range. But consequency your child takes an IQ test and scores lower than you expected – that in itself is reason for retesting your child.

It's possible that your child may have a learning disability such as dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or may suffer from an anxiety disorder. To help rule out learning disabilities, we suggest that your child take the Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test. This test is recommended for children ages 6 – 16.

Intended Use: The Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test is intended as a test that parents of young children and teenagers can use over the Internet for measuring spatial intelligence. Scores obtained can help persons with self-awareness, self-understanding and making plans for schooling and/or career choices. Reports can be used by professionals as well, as in assessing for career planning, school placement and problem diagnosis. For example, when diagnosing ADHD, learning disabilities and dyslexia, it is important to rule out behavior disorders.

If your child takes the test and scores between 91 - 99 there is a chance that your child has a learning disorder. However, there is a chance that your child is of normal intelligence. But understand that IQ scores can fluctuate and this is a factor known as IQ deviation; and an IQ deviation of 10 - 15 IQ points is what any person can expect to receive on an Iq test should he gain more education. For example, your child is tested at age 6 and his IQ score was 91. If he continues to learn and further his education as a young adult, it's very possible that if tested at age 24, his IQ could be as high as 106 which is still normal intelligence. On the other hand, should your child drop out of school at age 16 and do nothing other than menial jobs, it's plausible that his IQ can sink 10 - 15 points as well.

If you feel that an IQ score of 91 seems too low for your child you should consult with a school counselor about obtaining a proper diagnosis, (that is if it is during a school year) or you should seek consultation from an experienced licensed clinical psychologist. Moreover, you will be provided with a detailed analysis obtained from taking the Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test which you can present to a counselor or a clinical psychologist should you seek professional help.

Over 99 percent of online IQ tests are created by non-licensed psychologists or clinicians, and therefore should not be taken seriously or should not be taken at all! Scores obtained from these so-called IQ tests are often erroneous and/or superficial. In light of this knowledge, you can trust that The Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test was created by William A. McConochie, Ph.D who is a practicing psychologist who has authored several diagnostic tests and has specialized in test development and diagnostic evaluations from 1986 - present.

More about Dr. William A. McConochie


  • B.A., Psychology, 1961, Carleton College, Northfield, Minn.
  • M.S. School psychology, 1968, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.
  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, 1970, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Post-doctoral clinical internship, Northwestern U., Medical School, Chicago, 1971

The Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test is not a free IQ test. However, it is affordably priced at $19.97. To take the test and find out more information regarding the Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test, please click on the Spatial ISIQ Childrens IQ Test link

IQ Conversion Table

The table below demonstrates a cross reference of your IQ score. For example, an IQ score of 91 received by taking the Standford-Binet can be cross referenced to measure the same score in the Cattell Intelligence Test and the Wechsler Intelligence Tests. GRE and SAT scores can also be converted from an IQ score of 91. Finally, the IQ table gives you the rarity and percentile of your IQ score and it also demonstrates how your IQ score ranks against the general population.

IQ Score of 91
IQ Calculation
Standard Deviation
An IQ Score of 91 is Higher Than
27.4% of the General Population
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