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Our online IQ Calculator can accurately analyze IQ scores from zero to 220. To calculate your IQ score, enter your IQ score plus your age then click the calculate button and immediately your IQ score along with abilities and capabilities related to your IQ score will be displayed.

If you are looking for a IQ calculator that will convert SAT scores into IQ scores, or calculate an SAT score or GRE score into the Standford Binet, Cattell or Wechsler, please refer to the SAT calculator.

To get a close perspective of what your true IQ score may be, you should take at least 3 separate IQ tests and then examine your scores closely. Likewise, clinical psychologists are known to administer up to three intelligence tests to get a better idea of the cognitive abilities of the person being tested. For you to get a better understanding of your IQ score, you should not rely on the IQ score of one IQ test. You should take two more from the best sites offering online IQ tests.

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How to Calculate IQ Scores

To calculate IQ scores, enter your IQ score and then enter your age and press enter. The IQ calculator will render your IQ score and your mental age as well as your cognitive capabilities.

The IQ calculator is not perfect. It can not quantify all known variables. Some IQ tests have a cut-off as to how high it can measure IQ scores, and the calculator does not address that problem. But more than likely, your IQ score is not in the cut-off range above 180.

After you obtain your IQ score, you can find detailed information for each score (from an IQ of 70 through an IQ score of 220) by looking at the footer and click the appropriate link under the heading: What Does Your IQ Mean?

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