IQ Games for Kids

One of the most popular and innovative tools used to increase learning in children and adults are by way of intellectual gaming. Sure these games are fun, but they are not just designed to be fun, they are designed to increase IQ and learning capability and are an excellent choice of IQ games for kids.

Most kids these days spend hour after hour playing video games that are violent and basically teach children that any problem can be solved by killing your opponent. These games reward the kid who can kill the most and who can exact vengeance on his enemy. Sure, these are just games and created on the basis of fantasy; however, immoral gaming will work it's way through the subconscious mind and in some way pollute the thoughts of anyone who plays this type of gaming for an extended period of time.

Parent's who introduce IQ gaming - that is intellectually stimulating to their children will find that their children get better grades in school. A child who spends a lot of time by playing senseless and violent gaming is rewarded by how much blood he can spill and by how many people he can kill. There is nothing intellectually stimulating in violent games and there is nothing of value to be learned by playing violent games.

Enhancing Literacy for Kids

Besides interactive learning games and IQ games, encouraging your child to read will greatly improve his/her verbal fluency, verbal comprehension, learn reasoning skills, and enhance perceptual speed. Outside of school, most children are not spontaneous readers and some view it as a waste of time. However, children will read and study things that are of interest. Children can learn by reading if they have interesting reading material. You can enhance your child's imagination without spending a fortune in a video game console. Spark your child's imagination by providing your child with a subscription to .

From pre-school age through teens, there are many popular children's magazines to choose from. Here are some of the most popular by title:

  • National Geographic Kids
  • Sports Illustrated Kids
  • Ranger Rick
  • Boy's Life

IQ Games for Kids Online

Game House is one of the leading online video games for kids and adults. Game House offers over 900 games in categories such as

  • Trivia Games
  • Puzzle Games for Kids
  • Game Show Games
  • IQ Games
  • Memory Games
  • IQ Brain Games
  • Brainpower Games
  • Brain Games for Kids
  • Mind Games
  • IQ Mind Games

Game House FunTicket Customer Benefits

  • Get a free game when you sign up ($20 value).
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