Famous People in Mensa

Before we delve in to the famous Mensans on this page, we invite you to check your IQ with the Take the Mensa IQ Test. Geting a high mark wont get you in to Mensa, but Mensa offers free Mensa IQ Tests in almost every major city in America. If you think that you are mensa smart, then proceed with the mensa IQ Test.

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Mensa accepts members from all ages and all walk's of life. In fact, Mensa is an organization with membership of more than 100,000 people from all walks of life - - world wide. The 69 famous Mensa members we spotlight on this page really do not reflect the social strata of all Mensan's; for Mensa boasts membership of individuals who range from the poor and unknown to the wealthiest and most famous of individuals.

The majority of Mensan's are everyday - average - people. Moreover, they range in occupation from truck drivers, to school teachers, stay-at-home moms, engineers, to night club bouncers. Moreover, Mensans range in age from two year old's to well over 100 years of age.

Mensa is located in almost every American city. If you think that your IQ could be in the upper 2%, there's a possibility that you could apply for Mensa membership and be accepted in to Mensa.

If you have already taken an IQ test, simply make a copy of the results to Mensa and if the reults were in the upper 2% range, then Mensa will offer membership to you.

However, if you have never taken an approved test that Mensa will accept, you can take the Mensa Home Test. What it is, is an IQ test constructed for people seeking application into Mensa. Acheiving a score in the upper 2% will not grant you aceptence into mensa, but they periodically administer IQ tests in major cities around the USA and they are often less than $50.