Famous SAT Scores

We found the following famous people with their alleged famous SAT scores converted to IQ scores. An SAT score is derived from taking a college enterance exam known as the scholastic aptitude test.

The following famous SAT scores are posted all over the Internet and we lay no claim to the validity of these SAT scores which are converted in to IQ scores.

Here is a prime example of a bogus SAT score that is posted on the Internet: Bill Clinton's alleged SAT score is 1032 which translates to an IQ score of 110. We know that can't be right, it's obvious that Bill Clinton has a higher IQ than that. Elsewhere, his IQ score is at 137 which is probably correct given his obvious intelligence.

Another oddity holds true for James Woods. His alleged scholastic aptitude test score is listed as 1579 which translates to an IQ score of 150, but his IQ score is posted all over the Internet at 180 which may be true but questionable. However, James Woods is a verifiable member of Mensa, so it may be true that his IQ score is indeed 180. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he majored in political science, though he originally planned on a career as a surgeon. He dropped out to pursue his acting career shortly before his scheduled graduation in 1969.

We can only guess that the possibility is that these are true famous SAT scores and the process which converts these scores is flawed. Or the next possibility is perhaps the process is right but it is limited at converting an IQ score from an scholastic aptitude test score higher than 150.

At any rate, it is what it is, and we lay no claim to the validity for any of these scores. However, one thing is for certain, a high SAT score can guarantee you a spot in good colleges and universities; obtain a high SAT score and look for good degree programs at Degree Scout.

To convert your SAT score into an IQ score, check out the How to calculate SAT score calculator.

Famous SAT Scores