Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition

The Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition also known as the KBIT-2 is a brief individually administered measure of verbal and nonverbal intelligence featuring a new Crystallized Verbal Scale. The test is designed for ages 4 through 90 years and completes in approximately 20 minutes

Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test provides the same practical and affordable assessment of verbal and nonverbal cognitive ability as the widely-used KBIT, with a number of enhanced benefits. It provides a quick estimate of intelligence, and an estimate of verbal versus nonverbal intelligence.

The improved Crystallized (Verbal) Scale in Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test includes receptive and expressive vocabulary items, which do not require reading or spelling. New, full-color test items are more appealing to children and reluctant subjects.

The Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test measures two, distinct cognitive abilities through two scales:

  • Crystallized (Verbal): includes Verbal Knowledge and Riddles
  • Fluid (Nonverbal): is a Matrices sub test

Although the KBIT-2 Crystallized (Verbal) Scale must be administered in English, correct responses in Spanish are also provided, and given credit.

The KBIT 2 Meets a Wide Range of Needs

  • It Identifies high-risk children though quick, affordable large-scale screening
  • It Identifies students who would benefit from enrichment or gifted programs
  • And it Provides a quick estimate of intellectual ability of adults in institutional settings, such as group homes, rehabilitation clinics or mental health centers

The KBIT 2 is Consistent, Familiar, and Produces Reliable Results

  • It Provides Standard scores (M=100, SD=15) and percentile ranks by age.
  • It is Culturally fair
  • It has high reliability and validity
  • It has independently established norms, based on a national standardization sample, selected to match U.S. census data.
  • The KBIT 2 is co-normed with the brief achievement test, KTEA-II, brief Form, for ages 26 - 90

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