Obama's IQ Score

President Obama's IQ score is estimated to be in the 120 to 130 range. However, nowhere on the Internet can anyone locate Obama's IQ score, nor his college transcripts, nor his college GPA. It seems strange that President Obama was forthcoming in regards to his history of drug use, and yet he is not so willing to reveal his college transcripts nor his college GPA. Everyone would like to know his SAT score and LSAT score but for some reason, Obama feels it's more important to tell the public about his use of Cocaine.

After performing a bit of research the facts were uncovered reflecting his LSAT score while attending Harvard Law School. To much disappointment, we do not know his actual LSAT score. However, we found that the average LSAT score for all Harvard students during Barrack Obama's college years were 171. Furthermore,the percentile rank for an LSAT score of 171 at Harvard during Obama's college stay were 98.8 %.

Obama's LSAT Score and Mensa

Barack Obama

MENSA accepts LSAT scores as a means of qualifying for MENSA membership. Please note that MENSA also accepts up to 200 various IQ tests as well other tests of mental acuity. The LSAT score required for MENSA membership is equal to a percentile of 95% or higher. Thus basing Barack Obama's estimated LSAT score of 171 ranks him in the top 98.8% percentile range which is clearly above the lowest acceptable LSAT percentage rank of 95% which clearly affirms that Obama has a qualifying intelligence quotient that would allow him acceptance into MENSA.

Since MENSA accepts many different IQ tests as well as other tests of mental acuity to qualify for MENSA, it is safe to estimate that Barack Obama's IQ score could range anywhere from a low IQ score of 130 based on the Stanford Binet IQ Test, to a high IQ score of 148 based on the Cattell IQ Test. Note both of these tests are acceptable tests that MENSA will accept for membership.

Estimating Barack Obama's IQ Score

To validate this source, I went to MENSA and double checked my research and MENSA has a page to verify my findings. The page can be verified by this link: Qualifying Test Scores that MENSA accepts.

Another interesting fact about Obama is that he graduated from Harvard Law School with the honor of Magna Cum Laude which according to the Wikipedia definition...

"Magna Cum Laude" is graduating with great praise; an honor added to a diploma or degree for work considered greatly above average."

Even though we cannot pin point Barack Obama's IQ Score, it is safe to assume that he has a high enough IQ score to be accepted into MENSA. Of course that is if he wanted to join MENSA.

While we are on the subject of college, we have a calculator that will convert SAT and G.R.E. scores in to IQ scores. Go here to use the SAT and G.R.E. IQ calculator. To get more detailed information on your IQ score, please refer to the IQ Calculator.

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