Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales

The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) is a comprehensive, cost-effective assessment of verbal and nonverbal intelligence and memory. The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales is designed for ages 3 - 94 years and completes in approximately 30 - 35 minutes; for complete assessment 10 minutes; for memory only and 25 minutes for intelligence only.

Ideal for use in both educational and clinical settings, the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales provides the necessary information to make decisions regarding classification, selection and educational placement of preschool and school-age children. It uses familiar, common concepts, which are clear and easy-to-interpret, to predict achievement, based on assessment of intellectual abilities. Its results aid in gifted and talented placement, and identify those with learning disabilities and mental retardation. Four RIAS intelligence subtests provide a Verbal Intelligence Index, a Nonverbal Intelligence Index and a Composite Intelligence Index through problem solving, reasoning and spatial ability. Its unique design eliminates dependence on reading, motor coordination and visual-motor speed in the measurement of intelligence.

Reynolds Subtests

  • Guess What: Vocabulary combined with reasoning skills (verbal)
  • Verbal Reasoning: Analytical reasoning abilities (verbal)
  • What's Missing: Missing picture parts (nonverbal)
  • Odd-Item Out: Reasoning skills (nonverbal)A Composite Memory Index is derived from two subtests using working memory, short-term memory, learning (verbal) and recalling pictorial stimuli (nonverbal).

These brief subtests provide a highly reliable assessment of short-term memory. Administration of the complete RIAS provides thorough assessment of intellectual functioning, and aids in evaluating the relationship between memory and cognitive skills. It can be used as a stand-alone intellectual assessment in clinical.

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